Resident Advancement

Resident Advancement, Inc., is a State of Michigan Certified operator of group homes for developmentally disabled adults and contracted through county agencies.

Contact Info

PO Box 555
411 S. Leroy St.
Fenton, MI 48430

Providing services and programs to persons with developmental disabilities for over 30 years.

We strive to provide quality care and high quality residential services.

Our Vision

Resident Advancement, Inc. is strongly committed to providing quality person centered services to individuals either in Resident Advancement, Inc. facilities or in their own home. The organization will fulfill its contractual responsibilities while ensuring the protection of the consumers' basic human dignity and respecting them as individuals.

Our vision is for the individuals living in our homes or supported independent programs to experience a full, happy life and be true members of the communities in which they live. We wish for them to have the opportunity for personal growth and to be actively involved in the decisions that affect their lives.

Resident Advancement, Inc. pursues the following objectives consistent with person centered planning in order to provide an atmosphere, which will nurture growth and self-sufficiency:

  • Help and encourage individuals to fulfill their hopes and dreams, and respect those dreams. Assist the person in planning what is needed to fulfill those dreams.
  • Promote choice. Respect the individuals right to choose and express themselves.
  • Encourage individuals to participate in the community and become active members in their community.
  • Promote natural supports and involvement with family, friends, and unpaid others. Encourage and support individuals if they cannot do so themselves.
  • Educate individuals as to their rights as citizens and how to advocate for those rights. Advocate for individuals if they cannot do so themselves.
  • Provide an environment, which will allow the consumer to move to the most independent setting possible.
  • Provide staff support and supervision as needed.
  • Provide opportunities for community integration.
  • Provide educational and vocational programs, or transportation to such programs.
  • Encourage self-determination.